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Wagner Ricardo Montor

Santa Casa de Sao Paulo


Graduated in Pharmacy-Biochemistry from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of São Paulo (FCF-USP, concluded in 2000), campus of the capital, in the area of ​​Clinical and Toxicological Analysis. PhD in Sciences by the Department of Biochemistry of the Institute of Chemistry of the University of São Paulo (conclusion in 2005), in the area of ​​Molecular Biology and Proteomics. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship in the United States, in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School, for approximately four years (conclusion in 2008). From 1999 to 2005, he was involved in several Biotechnology projects, together with the Nucleus of Cellular and Molecular Therapy of the University of São Paulo (NUCEL-USP), since his Scientific Initiation, when this group was still based at the Instituto de Química da USP. In 2009, he joined Doctor's Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo (FCMSCSP), where he became an Adjunct Professor in 2012. In this institution he teaches classes in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Molecular Bases of Cancer, Critical Papers, Pathophysiology and Rational Use of Medications, being the coordinator of some of these disciplines in the Medicine course, also acting in the Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology courses, besides being Professor of Post-Graduation, coordinating disciplines of Obtaining Resources for Research and Scientific Writing. It guides students of Scientific Initiation to Post-Doctoral, in projects described in their line of research. Still as a teacher, he is the Pedagogical Coordinator of the Department of Physiological Sciences, is Alternate of the Departmental Head and Full Member of the Structuring Teaching Nucleus and of the Nucleus of International Relations, since 2011. More recently, he also joined the Institutional Accessibility Center. Externally, he coordinates at the Faculty of Medicine of USP the Postgraduate Course entitled "Fundamentals of Molecular Biology Applied to Ophthalmology", which occurs every three years since 2009. He has extensive experience in the field of Education, to which he has always dedicated himself, taking organized and taught a large number of classes, lectures and courses, both in Brazil and the United States. In the area of ​​Research, during the PhD he dedicated himself to the study of the effects of antitumorals on gliomas and in the Post-Doctorate he acted in the search of candidate epitopes for the development of vaccines, especially against Vibrio cholerae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, in addition to developing methods to characterize the overall inflammatory response of humans to individual proteins of specific pathogens. In parallel, at Harvard, for more than three years, it has developed research projects for biomarkers of the autoantibody type for the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant lesions of the breast. His projects usually involve problems in the areas of Metabolism, Pharmacology and Immunology, addressed through several methodological approaches using his experience in the general areas of Proteomics (two-dimensional electrophoresis, immunoassays and protein microarrays), and Molecular and Cellular Biology (molecular cloning, of recombinant cell lines, execution of cell assays, production of recombinant proteins, among others). He is currently developing his entire line of research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo, characterizing the effect of molecules of dietary origin on the proliferation of tumor cells.

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