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Iain Mackenzie

President and Chief Executive Officer
Smart Modular Technologies


President of SMART since 2002 and CEO since 2005, Iain MacKenzie has worked for more than 25 years in the electronics industry in the areas of operations, finance, and general management for corporations spanning the memory, device, PC, and server markets. As president and CEO of SMART, Iain is responsible for leading, driving and managing all aspects of the Company.  Previous to becoming SMART's president and CEO, Iain was vice president of worldwide operations for SMART and Force Computers when both were owned by Solectron. Before that, he was responsible for the start up of SMART Modular Technologies (Europe) Ltd. Subsidiary, and he served as the general manager there.  Prior to joining SMART, Iain made major management and leadership contributions at other high technology corporations including Hughes Microelectronics, Ferrofluidics, Inc. (NH), Digital Equipment Corp. (Semi-Conductor Division), and Apricot Computers Ltd. (a Mitsubishi Company). He holds the Higher National Diploma in mechanical and production engineering and the Ordinary National Diploma in electrical/electronics engineering from the Kirkcaldy College of Technology (Fife University) in Scotland.

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