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Dr. Valeri Gelev

MD – Chief of Cardiology Department
Acibadem A Class Healthcare Services


Dr. Valeri Gelev MD has graduated Medicine in Medical University Sofia in 1990. He has two specialties – Internal Diseases and Cardiology. After acquiring his Cardiology specialty Dr. Gelev acquires also a license for Invasive Cardiologist. His professional experience is over 20 years and it is gathered in the National Cardiology Hospital and The Hospital for Emergency Treatment “Pirogov” in Sofia. Till 2013 he was chief of the Invasive Cardiology Ward. Since 2013 he is chief of the Cardiology Clinic in Tokuda Hospital Sofia. Dr. Gelev is author of many publications in Bulgarian and International issues, he is also a co-author of two textbooks. He has numerous participations in international and national symposiums. He is a member of the Bulgarian Cardiologic Association, the Bulgarian Association of Interventional Cardiology, and associated member of the European Club for Chronic Occlusions. He speaks English, German, and Russian. 

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