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Mrs. Payanova graduated from the Medical College of the Sofia Medical University with a radiology technician degree in 1989. She also has a bachelor’s degree in nursing management from the Public Health Faculty of the Sofia Medical University. From 1989-2001, she worked as a radiology technician in the 23rd Diagnostic and Consultative Center in Sofia. In 1999-2001, she worked in the Medical Center Biocheck as a radiology technician. In 2001, she was appointed the senior radiology technician in the medical imaging diagnostics department in the Sv. Ekaterina University hospital. She worked as our senior radiology technician in the medical imaging diagnostics department of Tokuda Hospital Sofia since our opening in 2006. In 2009, she was appointed as the senior radiology technician of our radiotherapy department. Her post graduate medical training includes international certifications for all areas of medical imaging: CT, MRT, conventional X-ray, mammography, and bone density assessment as well as for radiotherapy for working with Linear Accelerators and computer tomography radiotherapy planning. She specialized in Austria, Poland, and Japan. She participates in congresses and seminars of the Bulgarian Association of Radiology and Bulgarian Association of Nurses including giving presentations some of related to personnel management. She is fluent in English, Russian, and German.  

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