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Dr. Kaloyan Davidoff, Phd

- Department chief 
Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital


  He graduated medicine in 1994 in Medical University of Sofia. Specialty in Urology obtained in 2000. After his graduation Dr. Davidoff worked in University Hospital Alexandrovska. He obtained specialized experience under the guidance of the Bulgarian national consultant in transplantology and prominent oncourologist prof. Petar Panchev. Dr Davidoff specialized in several hospitals of Dr. Tokuda in Japan. Completed training at the University Hospital in Helsinki, Finland for performing minimally invasive treatment of prostate with green laser. Dr Davidoff works in Tokuda Hospital Sofia from the very beginning. In 2016 he acquired a certificate for the most precise surgical technique with Da Vinci robot for inimally invasive surgical treatment of malignant diseases of the prostate, kidney, bldadder, occlusions of the urinary system. On November 2014 Dr. Davidoff was appointed as the Medical Director of Tokuda Hospital Sofia. 

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