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Dr. Sergey Stoyanov

orthopaedic surgeon
Š˛rthopedics and traumatology
Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital


Dr. Stoyanov graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1997, and immediately began working as an orthopedic traumatologist surgeon in the Third Regional Sofia Hospital.  In 2001, he continued his professional development working in the premier Bulgarian-American Sofia Clinic where he led the Emergency Medical Care department for over 4 years. During 2002 – 2003, he developed his own GP private practice. He worked as a physician consultant to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for 3 years. During 2003 to 2008, he worked and specialized in the National University Orthopedic Hospital  B. Boychev, Gorna Banya, during which he further specialized in treating more complex cases of bone pathology, onco-orthopedics, reconstructive surgery, individualized endoprosthesis, and treating tumor diseases of the musculoskeletal locomotion system. In 2009, he completed post graduate medical courses to operate specialized foot sole and flat feet diagnostic equipment, and a knee replacement surgery course. Dr. Stoyanov joined our department team in 2008.  

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Š˛rthopedics and traumatology

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