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Dr. Sterju Shterev

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Prof. Dr. Sterju Shterev, PhD , is Head of Department of Abdominal Surgery at First Clinic of Surgery. He graduated in Medicine in 1984 in Varna, he obtained a degree in surgery in 1990. His professional experience started as a doctor of distribution, since 1988 he worked as a doctor-ordinator at the Regional Hospital in Varna. Since 2006 he has been in the current position. Introduces the laparoscopic fundoplication in hiatal hernia and gastro-oesophageal reflux (GERD), the so- fundoplication. This surgery has been carried out since 2001, and at the First Surgery Clinic the greatest number of patients with hiatal hernia in Bulgaria - over 350 - has been operated. The excellent experience is found in his thesis "Modern Approach to Surgical Treatment of Hiatal hernias ".Specialization: Gastroenterology Course in Bratislava, Slovakia, 1996 Specialized laparoscopic and miniinvasive surgery in Hamburg, Germany 2010 Course on Minimal Invasive Surgery in Oesophageal Cancer in Pittsburgh - USA in December 2014 in the clinic of the leading specialist in world in this area Dr. James D. Luketich.

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