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Dr. V. Ivanov

Department of Dentistry
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The team of clinic specialists participates in clinical trials and tests of new drugs, both in national and international scientific projects and programs. Every year clinicians take active part in national and international scientific forums. An indication of the quality of the scientific research carried out in the clinic is the prizes awarded to prestigious international scientific fora: Second prize at the 14th Bulgarian Bavarian Symposium on Urology in Augsburg, Germany; Second Prize at the International Student Scientific Conference in Odessa; First Prize in the Nephrology and Urology Session and Third Prize at the 19th European Conference for Students and Young Scientists in Shari, Germany; Third prize at the 4th Balkan Congress in Tirana, Albania; Second Prize at the 5th Balkan Congress in Sofia Belgrade Serbia; First Prize at the 5th Balkan Congress of Urology in Skopje, Macedonia and others.

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