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Apostolos Apostolou

Aquatic Ecosystems & Ichthyology and Fish Resources
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


 Curriculum vitae Born in 1972 Education: Sofia University, Faculty of Biology, 1996, Master of Science in Ichthyology and Aquaculture Qualification: Sofia University, Faculty of Biology, 2002, PhD in Hydrobiology Previous experience: Institute of Zoology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 17.11.2003 - 11.02.2005, biologist Institute of Zoology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 11.02.2005 -16.07.2008, Research Fellow II degree Institute of Zoology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 16.07.2008 - 07. 2010 Research Fellow I degree 07.2010 - up to now Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Assistant Professor Memberships: 1. Greek Geotechnical Chamber – clone Ichthyology 2. Bulgarian Ichthyological Society 3. Local Initiative Fisheries Group Balchik– Shabla – Kavarna 4. Natural Science association “Ivan Buresh”, Bulgaria 5. IAD Participation in 20 projects, 16 conferences. Referees: 13 Expert reports: 9 Citations: 23 Department Aquatic Ecosystems Division Ichthyology and Fish Resources Research group Fish Biodiversity and Resources History Member for 3 years 31 weeks

Research Interest

Fish morphology,  ecology and systematics,  ichthyogeography,  population biochemical-genetics, GIS application on ichthyology,  underwater in situ research management of aquatic ecosystems,  freshwater and marine fishes

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