Genetics Experts

Gabriele Jovtchev

Ecosystem Research, Environmental Risk Assessment
Division of Environmental Mutagenesis and Genetic Risk Asses
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Birth: 24. 09. 1956 in Kleinmachnow, Germany Education - 1963 till 1973: 30th Grammar school, Berlin Karlshorst, Germany - 1982: MSc, Faculty of Biology, Humboldt University of Berlin - 2001: PhD, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, BAS; thesis: "Investigation of the adaptive response of root tip meristem cells of Hordeum vulgare in vivo – defense reactions against chromatid aberration induction by the herbizide maleic hydrazide" Employment: - 1984-1990: Biologist, Institute of Genetics, BAS - 1990-1996: Biologist and Research Fellow (1991) Institute of Ecology, BAS - 1996-2007: Research Fellow, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, BAS - 2007-present: Associate Professor, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, BAS

Research Interest

- Cytogenetics, molecular genetics, Hordeum vulgare, Arabidopsis thaliana - Environmental mutagenesis, genetic ecotoxicology, adaptive response - Epigenetics, evolution of histone methylation marks - Karyotype evolution

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