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  The Department of Ferrous Metallurgy and Metal Foundry was founded under the name of Metallurgy and Mechanical Technology in 1953. In 1960 it has been renamed and became known as Department of Ferrous Metallurgy. In 1985, after a restructuring of the Departments at the Faculty, a new Department, that of Ferrous Metallurgy and Foundry was established. Later the problem laboratory on plasma metallurgy “Plasmalab" was included and the Department became the basic research section developing plasma technologies and equipment for the metallurgy in Bulgaria. The Department is a unique one at Bulgarian technical universities. It trains engineers for ferrous materials production. Most of the leading specialists in the metallurgy and foundry fields are graduates of this Department. Since the very beginning the staff of the Department has had as its main aim the solving of technical, technological and ecological problems of the metallurgical and foundry manufactories in Bulgaria. The students at the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy and Foundry are trained at BSc. and MSc. levels with majors in Ferrous Metallurgy and Metal Foundry. The Department staff collaborates in its research activities with a number of Bulgarian and foreign research Institutes and Universities - Ferrous Metallurgy Institute, Metalurgproject, Metal Foundry Institute, Leiarcomplect, Institute of Metals Science to the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Metal-Ceramics Institute, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in Russia, Institute of Metallurgy in Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, Institute of Metallurgy in Cheliabinsk, Coshitze Polytechnics in Slovakia, Freiberg Polytechnics in Germany, Institute "Paton" in Kiev, Technical University in Chenstohova, Poland, Aachen Technical University in Germany, Royal Polytechnic Institute in Stockholm, Skopje Polytechnics, etc.

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