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Ivan Stoyanov Stoytchev

International Economic Relations and Business
University of National and World Economy


Preparation of university projects (number of projects) Number: NID 1-11 / 2011 Name: Global challenges in environmental protection and changes in international business or how to evolve the forms of international business in the context of modern environmental protection measures

Research Interest

    Research areas: management of foreign economic activity and international marketing


  • Ignatova M, Lyubenova V, Angelov M, Kostov G. pH CONTROL DURING CONTINUOUS PREFERMENTATION OF YOGURT STARTER CULTURE BY STRAINS STREPTOCOCCUS THERMOPHILUS 13A AND LACTOBACILLUS BULGARICUS 2–11. Comptes rendus de l’academie bulgare des sciences. 2009 Jan 1;62(12):1587-94.

  • Botchev, DSc BC, and Mrs A. Kyrcheva. "AND NUCLEAR ENERGY." (1999).

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