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Lars Ottersgård serves as Executive Vice President and Head of Market Technology of Nasdaq, a role he was promoted to in 2014. Mr. Ottersgård is responsible for overseeing product development and management, as well as the growth and expansion of the Market Technology business. This business is the world’s largest technology solutions provider and partner to exchanges, clearing organizations, central securities depositories, regulators, banks, brokers and corporate businesses, and is the sales channel for Nasdaq’s complete global offering to other marketplaces.  Under Mr. Ottersgård’s leadership, Market Technology builds and delivers technology for trading, clearing, settlement, surveillance, enterprise GRC and information dissemination to markets with wide-ranging requirements, from the leading markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia to emerging markets in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. These marketplace solutions can handle a wide array of assets, including cash equities, equity derivatives, currencies, various interest-bearing securities, commodities and energy products.  Mr. Ottersgård joined OMX in 2006 as Global Head of Sales for the company's commercial technology business, and has been leading the Market Technology business for Nasdaq since 2008. Prior to joining OMX, Mr. Ottersgård held various positions at IBM for twenty years, where he covered the Nordic and European markets, and was most recently a senior executive for strategic outsourcing for the Distribution and Communication industries.

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