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Tom Fay is Senior Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at Nasdaq. In this multi-disciplinary role, Mr. Fay is responsible for the architecture, design, and performance of critical technology solutions across the company. Since rejoining Nasdaq in 2010, Mr. Fay has also led the System Performance and Engineering Group, which was responsible for increasing performance of the US based exchanges. Under his leadership, the responsibilities of the group expanded to include FPGA development, Capacity Management, Platform development and R&D, leading to the formal creation of the Enterprise Architecture Group in 2014. Mr. Fay’s experience spans over thirty years and he has held senior technology positions in a variety of industries including telecommunications, defense and financial services. From 2008 to 2010, Mr. Fay was Chief Technology Officer for Virtu Financial and was responsible for the Firm’s trading system including network infrastructure, proprietary software development and back office database systems. Mr. Fay originally joined Nasdaq as part of the company’s acquisition of INET in 2005. During this time, he was responsible for the consolidation of multiple trading platforms into the current INET technology based single book system, the development of Nasdaq’s US Equities Clearing System, and creation of an automated regression test framework to verify functional changes to the trading systems. Mr. Fay is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology.

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