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Paul J. Schechter

Vice President of Drug Development & Regulatory Affairs Chie
Nucryst Pharmaceuticals


 Dr. Schechter, who joined NUCRYST in 2002, has spearheaded the move into pharmaceutical research. His accomplishments include establishing a formal scientific advisory board, expanding  NUCRYST's R&D to include pharmaceutical products, and introducing the first product into clinical trial. Prior to NUCRYST, Dr. Schechter served as Vice President, Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs at MacroChem Corporation, where he established and managed drug development and regulatory processes for topical/transdermal agents. He also held senior research and development and drug development roles at Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Company, Hybridon, Inc., a Massachusetts biotech company, and Merrell Dow, where he guided a number of new chemical entities through Phase 1,2 and 3 clinical trials to regulatory approval. Dr. Schechter began his career at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Schechter received his MD and PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Chicago. He has published more than 140 papers in the fields of biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism and clinical medicine, and has seven US published patents. He has been elected to membership in numerous professional societies in the United States and abroad.

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