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K. Tsukasaki

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 Dr. Tsukasaki has a Medical Doctor degree (1984) and, after learning Hematology and late effect of atomic bombing, a Doctor in Medicine degree from Nagasaki University (1995). He was a research fellow at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was a member of ATL (Adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma) Preventing Program which consisted of screening pregnant women for anti-HTLV-1 Ab and recommending the HTLV-1 positive women refraining from breast feeding in Nagasaki prefecture. He was the primary investigator of the International Consensus Report on the management of ATL. Associate Professor of the Hematology Department of the International Medical Center in Saitama Medical University. His specialities and research interests include Cancer Clinical Trials, Multi-Step Leukemogenesis including Viral Leukemogenesis, Molecular Targeting Therapy and Tumor Immunology.

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