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Arnaud Darc

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French Entrepreneur, Arnaud first arrived in Cambodia in 1994 as a postgraduate cost controller at the Sofitel Cambodiana Hotel in Phnom Penh. Having witnessed the encouraging growth of the hospitality industry in Cambodia he incorporated an import-export and distribution business serving retailers, hotels, restaurateurs and created a French fine-dining restaurant and gourmet retail outlet. Arnaud subsequently owned and co-founded the Amanjaya Pancam Hotel, KWest restaurant in Phnom Penh and Cyrano, a French fine-dining restaurant in Bangkok.  Recognizing the increased demand for refined and high-class hospitality in Phnom Penh, he embarked on several successful ventures. They included the launch of Malis Restaurant in 2005, the first restaurant to specialize in contemporary Cambodian cuisine, the relocation of Topaz as a French fine-dining restaurant, the creation of Khéma Gourmet Shop, Arunreas, a small  luxury hotel in Phnom Penh and more recently launched Malis Restaurant in Siem Reap. From 2006 to 2009, Arnaud became a partner and Managing Director of two CityStar Investment Fund Companies managing various real estate and hospitality holdings within Cambodia.  He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Thalias employing over 400 people.

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