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Jianjun Hu

Chair, Division of Adult and Geriatric Health
Department of Psychiatry
Unilasalle University


Jianjun was recently awarded NSF CAREER Award for Computational Analysis and Prediction of Genome-Wide Protein Targeting Signals and Localization. This project starts from August 2009 and lasts five years. Detailed information can be found at NSF Award linkI am looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students with RA assistantship to join my lab and work on projects in bioinformatics, data mining or machine learning. Background of biology and data mining or machine learning is preferred but not required. You are expected to have good programming skills and teamwork spirit.

Research Interest

Bioinformatics: gene expression regulation, DNA motif analysis, Microarray analysis, Integrative Functional Genomics,  Evolutionary Computation and Computational Synthesis,  Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Open-ended Modeling and Knowledge Discovery.

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