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Donald Fleming

Department of chemistry
The University of British Columbia


Faculty in University of British Columbia

Research Interest

My research (and teaching) interests lie in the general field of nuclear and particular muon chemistry in two quite distinct areas: isotopic mass effects in chemical kinetics and reaction dynamics of both the lightest isotope of the H-atom, muonium (Mu=µ+e-), with a mass of 0.113 amu, and, more recently, of its heaviest isotope, muonic He (4Heµ), formed by negative muon (µ-) capture on He, with a mass of 4.11 amu [Science, 331, 448 (20110]; and the study of the hyperfine interactions and molecuar motion of muoniated free radicals formed by Mu addition reactions to unsaturated bond systems, with a particular interest in catalytic enviornments, zeolites and nanomaterials .  

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