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Michael Adam

Department of chemistry
The University of British Columbia


Faculty in University of British Columbia

Research Interest

  The PET Chemistry group at TRIUMF has been developing short lived, positron emitting radiotracers for use in PET imaging since 1980. The PET chemistry group prepares several F-18 (t1/2=110 min) and C-11 (t1/2=20 min) labelled radiopharmaceuticals for routine use in our neurology programme as well as developing new agents for Oncology research. We also develop new labeling strategies for the incorporation of a variety of radioisotopes into organic and inorganic compounds. Some of the routinely produced radiopharmaceuticals used in our brain imaging program include C-11 labelled raclopride (D2 receptor antagonist), dihydrotetrabenazine (vesicular monoamine transporter inhibitor) and F-18 labelled fluoro-L-dopa. Radiopharmaceuticals for use in cancer research include F-18 labelled EF5 (nitroimidazole for detecting hypoxia in tumours) and fluoro-deoxy-glucose (FDG).

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