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Takamasa Momose

Department of chemistry
The University of British Columbia


Faculty in University of British Columbia

Research Interest

Research in Professor Momose's group is focused on physics and chemistry of extremely cold molecules and atoms. Molecules at very cold temperatures are expected to behave quite differently from those at high temperatures. For example, a significant enhancement of reaction cross section is expected for some systems below 10 K because of the tunneling process, resonance effect as well as the wave nature of molecules, yet understanding reaction mechanisms at low temperatures is still challenging.  Currently, various apparatuses for making cold and ultracold molecules are operational in Prof. Momose's laboratory in order to explore properties of cold molecules below 4 K. They include Zeeman and Stark decelerators, counter rotating nozzles, and parahydrogen matrix system. The project is supported by CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation) under CRUCS (Canadian Centre for Researches on Ultra-Cold Systems).    

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