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Tom Money

Department of chemistry
The University of British Columbia


Faculty in University of British Columbia

Research Interest

      Dr. Mitchell built up the Interfacial Analysis and Reactivity Laboratory (IARL), which is situated in the Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL) building (an interdisciplinary building at the University of British Columbia involving chemists, physicists and engineers).  Dr. Mitchell has been officially retired since 2003, and he is no longer taking on new researchers into his laboratory; nevertheless he continues with various activities related to his interests in Surface Science, Materials Chemistry and Education.  For example, he remains active in collaborating with others to develop the IARL further, and over $3M of state-of-the-art surface analytical equipment is being set up during 2010-11.  This new equipment is an integral part of the Centre for Biointerface Characterization at UBC.

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