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Allan Stitt

Department of Law
University of Toronto


Allan J. Stitt, B.Comm. (Toronto) 1984, LL.B. (Windsor) 1988, J.D. (Detroit) 1988, LL.M. (Harvard) 1992, C.Med., C.Arb., President and CEO of ADR Chambers; practices Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at ADR Chambers and teaches with the Stitt Feld Handy Group. He received his ADR and negotiation training at the Harvard Negotiation Project and returned to Harvard to act as a teaching assistant in negotiation. Allan is Senior Advisor to the Jerusalem Arbitration Centre, an ADR organization specializing in mediating and arbitrating disputes between Israeli and Palestinian businesses and is a Canadian advisor at the UNCITRAL Working Group on the enforcement of international mediation agreements, appointed by the Department of Justice. He is past President of the ADR Institute of Canada, and is the author of the books ADR For Organizations, Mediating Commercial Disputes, and Mediation: A Practical Guide.

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