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Herman Yeger

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University of Toronto


Herman Yeger, PhD,  is a Senior Scientist in the Research Institute, Program in Developmental & Stem Cell Biology, laboratory scientist in the Division of Pathology, and Professor, Dept of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, University of Toronto. H. Yeger carries out independent research on pediatric and adult cancers, pediatric lung development, the pulmonary neuroendcorine cell system, and related diseases, including CF and neuroendocrine relevant pulmonary cancer. He is working collaboratively with clincians and scientist at SickKids to establish a focus in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering of pediatric tissues/organs for treatment of pediatric syndromes. In his efforts Dr Yeger fosters basic and translational research with relevance to the pathobiology of disease through collaborations and in the training of graduate students and fellows. Dr Yeger is active in teaching activities in the Department Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto, at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He also holds a cross-appointment in the Institute of Medical Science and supervises trainees in this program. He serves on several committees concerned with academic appointments and promotions, and recognition of teaching excellence.                    

Research Interest

The research conducted by Dr Yeger encompasses the physiological functions and development of the pulmonary neuroendocrine cell system and role in lung biology. Extensions from these studies have been made into the pathobiology of Cystic Fibrosis lung disease and neuroendocrine cancers.   

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