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Li Chen, Ph.d.

Director of Preclinical Development,
Synermore Taipei
Synermore Biologics


 Dr. Li Chen joined Synermore in Jan 2015 as Director of Pre-clinical Development, oversees the pre-clinical development activities of several novel mAb projects. Dr. Chen has 14 years of biotechnology industry experience in the field of pre-clinical development, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs, with an emphasis on recombinant proteins and pegylated proteins. Prior to joining synermore, Dr. Chen was CTO of Bio- Cancer Treatment Inc. (BCT), a company focused on the research and development of innovative biologics for the treatment of human malignancies and autoimmune diseases, where she played a key role in the development, IND regulatory submission, and clinical trial activities of its pipeline product, pegylated human arginase 1. Her efforts directly contributed to the successful IND approval from the US FDA. Dr. Chen has 2 issued patents and 5 pending patent applications. Prior to joining BCT, Dr. Chen served as senior scientific officer and later on, project manager of CK Life Sciences Limited, where her work involves early drug discovery, lead compound pharmacology studies, and project management. Dr. Chen received her BSc in Microbiology from Nankai University and PhD in molecular biology and biotechnology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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 Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics

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