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Alferdo E De Loannes

Chief Administrative Officer
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Chief Administrative Officer of Biosonda,Scientist Biochemist.University of Chile, Santiago. Postgraduate studies at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine University of California Los Angeles USA. Founder of Bios Chile IGSA,(the first Biotechnology Company in Chile).Founder of Biosonda S.A.He is an expert in allergy and immunology, immunochemistryand protein chemistry, especially in the area of monoclonal antibody.SA.     He has been President of the Chilean Society of Immunology, and founder of the Chilean Association of Biotechnology Companies (ASEMBIO). He was consultant of the contraceptive vaccine program of the OMS. He was Associate Professor at the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences at Catholic University for 30 years. Presently he is part time associate professor of Immunology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Biotechnology, the University of Chile.   Relevant publications . Please see the research section of the web site. •  De Ioannes P, Moltedo B, Oliva H, Pacheco R, De Ioannes A. E., Becker M.I Hemocyanin of the Molluskan Concholepas concholepas Exhibits an Unusual Heterodecameric Array of Subunits . J. Biological Chemistry 279: 26134-26142 (2004). •  Moltedo B., Faunes F., Haussmann D, De Ioannes P, De Ioannes A.E., Puente J , Becker M.I . Immunotherapeutic effect of the Concholepashemocyanin in the murine bladder cancer model:evidence for conserved anti-tumor properties among hemocyanins. J. Urol. 176: 2690 - 2695 (2006). •  Arancibia S, Del Campo M, Nova E, Salazar F, Becker MI . Enhanced structural stability of Concholepas hemocyanin increases its immunogenicity and non-specific immunostimulatory effects. Eur. J. Immunol. 42: 688-99. (2012).   Otherpublications •  López C.B., Kalergis A.M., Becker M.I., Garbarino J., De Ioannes A.E. CD8+ T cells are the effectors of the Contact Dermatitis induced by Urushiol in Mice and are regulated by CD4+ T cells. Int. Allergy and Immunology 117: 194 – 201 (1998). •  Kalergis A.M., López C.B., Becker M.I., Díaz M., Sein J., Garbarino J., De Ioannes A.E. Modulation of fatty acid oxidation alters contact hypersensitivity to urushiols: role of aliphatic chain beta-oxidation in processing and activation of urushiols. J. Invest Dermatol, 108: 57 – 61 (1997). •  De Ioannes A.E., Aguila H.L Amino terminal sequence of heavy and light chains from ratfish immunoglobulin . Immunogenetics 30:175-80 ((1989).

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