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Pablo E De Loannes

Scientist, Research Associate
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Scientist, Research Associate. PhD in Biomedical Sciences at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. Master in Biochemistry, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. Mr. De Ioannes had large expertise in protein chemistry, protein-protein interaction and structural biology studies. Part of his training was obtained in his postdoctoral research in the Structural Biology Laboratory at NYU Medical Center, New York. Also. He has conducted basic and applied research on the structure and function of the Hemocyanin from the mollusk Concholepas concholepas.   Relevant publications. Please see the research section of the web site.   •  De Ioannes, P., Malu, S., Cortes, P., Aggarwal, A. K.. Structural basis of DNA Ligase IV-Artemis interaction in Non-Homologous End Joining NHEJ. Cell Reports, 2, 1505-1512 (2012). •  De Ioannes, P., Escalante, C.R., Aggarwal, A.K. Structures of apo IRF-3 and IRF-7 DNA binding domains: effect of loop L1 on DNA binding. Nucleic Acids Research, 39, 7300-7307 (2011) •  De Ioannes P, Moltedo B, Oliva H, Pacheco R, De Ioannes A. E., Becker M.I Hemocyanin of the Molluskan Concholepas concholepasExhibits an Unusual Heterodecameric Array of Subunits. J. Biological Chemistry 279: 26134-26142 (2004).   Other publications •  Arancibia, S., Espinoza, C., Salazar, F., Del Campo, M., Tampe, R., Zhong, T., De Ioannes, P., Moltedo, B., Ferreira, J., Lavelle, E.., Manubens, A., De Ioannes, A., Becker, M. A novel immunomodulatory hemocyanin from the limpet Fissurella latimarginata promotes potent anti-tumor activity in melanoma. PLOS ONE, 99, e87240 (2014). •  Malu, S., De Ioannes, P., Kozlov, M., Greene, M., Francis, D., Hanna, M., Pena, J, Escalante, C. R., Kurosawa, A., Erdjument-Bromage, H., Tempst P., Adachi, N., Vezzoni,P., Villa, A., Aggarwal, A. K., Cortes, P. Artemis C-terminal facilitates efficient V(D)J recombination through its interaction with both Ligase IV and DNA-PKcs. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 209, 955-963 (2011). •  Ferrage, F., Dutta, K., Nistal-Villán, E., Patel, J., Sanchez-Aparicio, M., De Ioannes, P., Buku, A., González Aseguinolaza, G., García-Sastre, A., Aggarwal, A. Structure and dynamics of the second CARD of RIGI provides mechanistic insights into regulation of RIG-I activation. Structure, 20, 2048-2061 (2012). •  West, K.L., Singha, N.C., De Ioannes, P., Lacomis, L.., Erdjument-Bromage, H., Tempst, P., Cortes, P. A direct interaction between the RAG2 C-terminus and the core histones is required for efficient V(D)J recombination. Immunity, 23, 203-2012 (2005). •  Sapag, A., Wouters, J., Lambert, C., De Ioannes, P., Eyzaguirre, J., Depiereux, E. The endoxylanases from family 11: computer analysis of protein sequences reveals important structural and phylogenetic relationships. Journal of Biotechnology, 95,109-131 (2002). •  De Ioannes, P., Peirano, A., Steiner, J., Eyzaguirre, J. An alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase from Penicillium purpurogenum: production, purification and properties. Journal of Biotechnology, 76, 253-258 (2000).

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