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Research Director. Doctor in Cell Biology, University of Chile (1988). Has great experience in the immuno-biotechnological area, specifically in research and development of diagnostic reagent for human and animal health, using polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Between 1989 and 1997 she was Scientific Director and Head of the Laboratory of Immunology at Bios-Chile IGSA.     The current goal of the research of Dr. Becker is to investigate on new natural substances with immunomodulatory properties, useful as antitumor agents and for vaccine development, supported by scientific publications and patents. In 2006, Dr. Becker founded the Science and Technology for Development Foundation ( ). This non-profitable institution's purpose focuses on research, development, conservation and dissemination of science in the discipline of Biology. At present she is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, University of Chile   Relevant publications . Please see the research section of the web site. •  De Ioannes P, Moltedo B, Oliva H, Pacheco R, De Ioannes A. E., Becker M.I Hemocyanin of the Molluskan Concholepas concholepas Exhibits an Unusual Heterodecameric Array of Subunits . J. Biological Chemistry 279: 26134-26142 (2004). •  Moltedo B., Faunes F., Haussmann D, De Ioannes P, De Ioannes A.E., Puente J , Becker M.I . Immunotherapeutic effect of the Concholepashemocyanin in the murine bladder cancer model:evidence for conserved anti-tumor properties among hemocyanins. J. Urol. 176: 2690 - 2695 (2006). •  Arancibia S, Del Campo M, Nova E, Salazar F, Becker MI . Enhanced structural stability of Concholepas hemocyanin increases its immunogenicity and non-specific immunostimulatory effects. Eur. J. Immunol. 42: 688-99. (2012).   Otherpublications •  Arancibia S, Espinoza C, Salazar F, Del Campo M, Tampe R, Zhong T, De Ioannes P, Moltedo B, Ferreira F, Lavelle E, Manubens A, De Ioannes AE, Becker MI . A novel immunogenic hemocyanin from the limpet Fissurellalatimarginata exhibits outstanding antitumor activity in melanoma. PLoSOne 23;9(1):e87240. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087240. eCollection (2014). •  MI Becker , S Arancibia, F Salazar, M Del Campo, A De Ioannes. Mollusk Hemocyanins as Natural Immunostimulants in Biomedical Applications. In: Immune Response Activation, Dr. HtDuc (Ed.), ISBN: INTECH Publishing (Croatia). Cap 2, pp 45-72. (2014). Ningún prestador podrá, por tanto, entregar o suministrar agua a sus usuarios en condiciones distintas a las señaladas en dichas normativas, salvo autorización de la autoridad de salud. (Fuente Glosario SISS)

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