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Basilio Carrasco

Asst professor
Agronomy and Forestry Engineering
Pontifical Catholic University


Basilio Carrasco is an Associate Professor Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He earned Doctor, Ciencias en Genética Vegetal. Universidad de Talca. Chile. His research interests Conservación genética de especies nativas , Mejoramiento genético en carozos , y nativizadas.

Research Interest

Conservación genética de especies nativas , Mejoramiento genético en carozos , y nativizadas


  • Jacob, C., Carrasco, B., Schwember, A.R. 2016. Advances in breeding and biotechnology of legume crops. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 127:561-584.

  • Gonzalez, M., Carrasco, B., Salazar, E. 2016. Genome-wide identification and characterization of R2R3MYB family in Rosaceae. Genomics Data, 9:50-57.

  • González, M., Salazar, E., Cabrera, S., Olea, P., Carrasco, B. 2016. Analysis of anthocyanin biosynthesis genes expression profiles in contrasting cultivars of Japanese plum (Prunus salicina L.) during fruit development. Gene Expression Patterns 21:54-62

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