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Eduardo Arellano

Associate Professor
Ecosistemas y Medio Ambiente
Pontifical Catholic University


Eduardo Arellano is working as aprofessor at department of FACULTY OF AGRONOMY AND FORESTRY ENGINEERING at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. His Research interests includes Waste Management , Ecological Restoration , Soil Health

Research Interest

Waste Management , Ecological Restoration , Soil Health


  • Ovalle, J.F., Arellano, E., Oliet, J., Becerra, P., Ginocchio, R. 2016. Linking nursery nutritional status and water availability post-planting under intense summer drought: the case of a South American Mediterranean tree species. iForest – Biogeosciences and Forestry (9). 758-765.

  • Ginocchio R, Leon-Lobos P, Arellano, EC, Anic V, Ovalle J.R., Baker AJ. 2017. Soil Physicochemical factors as environmental filters for spontaneous plant colonization of abandoned tailing dumps. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. 24(15): 13484-13496.

  • Ovalle, JF, Ginocchio, R. Arellano E. Valenzuela P. 2017. Root Adaptative management for improving plant quality and field performance under drought: experiences with native tree species from South American Mediterranean-type ecosystem. Plant Sociology. 54(1):19-27

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