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Miguel Gomez

Associate Professor
Agronomy and Forestry Engineering
Pontifical Catholic University


Miguel Gomez is an Assistant Professor in Department of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering. Miguel Gomez earned his Masters in University of Chile. Biological Sciences with mention in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Rosanna Ginocchio research interests are Anatomy , Taxonomy of vascular plants , and plant morphology.

Research Interest

Anatomy , Taxonomy of vascular plants , and plant morphology


  • Mirror J., Baeza M., Ruiz E., Mora F., Gómez M., Montenegro G. 2013. Propagation of Sophora toromiro through interspecific grafting to support species conservation. Science and Agricultural Research 40 (1): 213-221. 

  • Wilckens P., Fernández MP, Gómez M., Peña I., Montenegro G. 2013 Sustainable management and use of a medicinal emblematic plant in Chile: Buddleja globosa Hope. Phyton- International Journal Of Experimental Botany 82: 81-90.

  • Carolina F., Yousef GG, Robert P., Grace MH, Lila MA, Gómez M., Gebauer M., Montenegro G. 2014. Anthocyanin profiling of wild maqui berries (Aristotelia chilensis [Mol.] Stuntz) from different geographical regions in Chile. Journal Of The Science Of Food And Agriculture 94 (13): 2639-2648.

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