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Rafael Larraín

Associate Professor
Agronomy and Forestry Engineering
Pontifical Catholic University


Rafael Larraín is an Assistant Professor in Department of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering. Rafael Larraín earned his Doctor Ciencias Animales. University Of Wisconsin-Madison, Estados Unidos and Magister Ciencias Animales.Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile, Chile. Rafael Larraín research interests are in Calidad de Carne , Nutrición de Rumiantes

Research Interest

Calidad de Carne , Nutrición de Rumiantes


  • Montalvo, C.P., N. H. Díaz, L. A. Galdames, M. E. Andrés y R.E. Larraín. 2011. Short communication: Effect of vitamins E and C on cortisol production by bovine adrenocortical cells in vitro. Journal of Dairy Science 94 (7): 3495-3497 (ISI* = 2.952)

  • Elmes, C.A., O.H. Bustamante, F.G. González, R.E. Larraín and M. Gandarillas, 2014. Effects of Ractopamine plus Amino Acids on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Meat Quality, and Ractopamine Residues of Finishing Pigs. Ciencia e Investigación Agraria 41(3): 297-308

  • Arias, R. A., Catrileo, A., Larrain, R., Vera, R., Velasquez, A., Toneatti, M., France, J., Dijkstra, J. and Kebreab, E. 2015. Estimating enteric methane emissions from Chilean beef fattening systems using a mechanistic model. Journal of Agricultural Science 153:114-123.

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