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Samuel Contreras

Assoc Professor 
Agronomy and Forestry Engineering
Pontifical Catholic University


Samuel Contreras is an Associate Professor Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He earned Ph.D in The Ohio State University. Horticulture. His research interests are Biología y producción de semillas

Research Interest

Biología y producción de semillas


  • Contreras, S., M.A. Bennett, and D. Tay. 2009. Temperature during seed development affects weight, germinability, and storability of lettuce seeds. Seed Science and Technology, 37(2): 398-412.

  • "Cabrera E, Hepp J, Gómez M, Contreras S. 2015. Seed dormancy of Nolana jaffuelii I.M.Johnst. (Solanaceae) in the coastal Atacama Desert. Flora 214:17‐23. (ISI)Pimentel, I. and S. Contreras. 2014. Red and far red light treatments to modify thermoinhibition, photoblasticity and longevity in lettuce seeds. HortTechnology 24(4): 463-470"

  • Moreno, B., Jacob, C., Rosales, M., Krarup, K.,Contreras, S. 2016. Yield and Quality of Grafted Watermelon Grown in a Field Naturally Infested with Fusarium Wilt. HortTechnology 26:453-459.

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