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Bill Belew

Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Education
Shanxi University of Finance and Economics


Bill Belew, PhD is professor of Social Media Marketing in Silicon Valley, CA. His sites have garnered more than 95 million unique visitors total in a wide variety of niches. Bill regularly teaches international audiences and his local network of 16,000 members how to get more legitimate visitors and sales for their products. Belew is a/an: Influence - Content Marketing Trainer * Social Media Expert * Paid Professional Speaker and Storyteller * Talks at Google Veteran. Corporate Trainer = Help you set up your in-house team to get measurable marketing results, increase your social media presence, use bloggers to conduct successful social media campaigns. His students include, BMW, Ford, Danone, Nestle', Carnival, Yara .... Business Brand Digital Storyteller, Expert in Content Development and guru on how to use social media platforms with high quality social media content. Social Media Marketing Professor in Silicon Valley, CA. Mastering social media channels and marketing strategies. Thought leading social media strategist. Professional Speaker - Bay Area - NYC, Miami - San Diego, Cruise Ship Lecturer, Singapore, Thailand, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai. Specialties: So many people have come to any one of the sites in my network that I now get asked a lot, "Bill, how do you that?" I know how. Focus: Don't be the person looking for someone to change your life. Be the person people come looking for to change their lives. Everybody, has a web site, they all want more real and relevant readers that convert. Bill knows how to do that, legitimately, through hard work that will last a long time.

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