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Patricio Godoy Martínez

Associate Professor
Clinical Microbiology
Universidad Austral de Chile


Patricio Godoy Martínez is working as a professor in Austral University of Chile · Instituto de Microbiología Clínica,Chile · Valdivia from 2009. He was on PostDoc Position in Federal University of São Paulo,Brazil sao paulo from 2005-2009. his journal references are: Mycopathologia, Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases, Revista Iberoamericana de Micología, Revista chilena de infectologia: organo oficial de la Sociedad Chilena de Infectologia

Research Interest

area of research are Fungal Taxonomy,Immunology of Infectious Diseases,Infectious Diseases,Medical Mycology,Microbial Molecular Biology,Microbial Ecology,Microbiology,Microscopy,Mycology,Wastewater Treatment,Water Quality


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  • Martínez PG. Mycotoxins Producing Mushrooms Associated with Medicinal Herbs in the City of São Paulo, Brazil. Mycological Bulletin. 2016 Dec 7; 31 (2).

  • Velásquez Sáez C, Salinas Villanueva I, Godoy Martínez P, Muñoz Martínez H, Barría Pailaquilén RM. Streptococcus mutans saliva count in children aged 6 to 12 years with and without chromogenic staining. Advances in Odontoestomatology. 2017 Apr; 33 (2): 77-85.

  • Zamorano P, Rojano BI, Morales M, Magariños H, Godoy P, Muñoz O. Biological and antioxidant activity of Gunnera tinctoria (Nalca). Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. 2017 May 3;11(17):318-30.

  • Escobar B, Montenegro I, Villena J, Werner E, Godoy P, Olguín Y, Madrid A. Hemi-Synthesis and Anti-Oomycete Activity of Analogues of Isocordoin. Molecules. 2017 Jun 10;22(6):968.

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