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Dr Felix Fuders

Department of Economics and Administration
Universidad de Chile


Dr. Felix Fuders, MA is professor of economics in pre-and postgraduate courses at Universidad Austral de Chile. He has been a visiting professor at Erlangen University, Germany. He is the author and co-author of a series of publications on the issue of regional currencies as a solution to a global (financial) crisis and on sustainable development, including the book " Sustainable Evolution II - Notes for a reasonable exit ", prepared in cooperation with researchers from the Mondragón University ) and Manfred Max-Neef.

Research Interest

Ecological Economics,Ecosystem Services,European Central Bank,Finance,Financial Analysis,Financial Economics,Financial, Economics and Philosophy,Global Studies,Human Development Theory,Human Scale Development,Local money,Sustainability


  • Stehlík M, Helperstorfer C, Hermann P, Šupina J, Grilo LM, Maidana JP, Fuders F, Stehlíková S. Financial and risk modelling with semicontinuous covariances. Information Sciences. 2017 Jul 31;394:246-72.

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