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René Mauricio Barría Pailaquilén

Assistant Professor
Universidad de Chile


René Mauricio Barría Pailaquilén is an assistant professor in Institute of Medicine,Universidad de chile. He completed his diploma and masters in Clinical Epidemiology.He worked as Doctor in Public Health, School of Public Health - University of Chile, 2005 -2010

Research Interest

René Mauricio Barría Pailaquilén's area of work is Neonatal, Neonatal Intensive Care, Pediatric Nursing - Neonatal, Epidemiology, Evidence Based Practice, Research Methodology.


  • Barría RM. Indoor Air Pollution by Particulate Matter from Wood Fuel: An Unresolved Problem. Environ Pollut Climate Change. 2016;1(104):2.

  • Vera Choloux M, Luengo S, Gainza Aragonés P, Barría Pailaquilén RM, Cabezas Cuevas C. Aplicabilidad del modelo electroquímico al inicio de la caries dental: estudio in vitro. Avances en Odontoestomatología. 2016 Dec;32(6):301-8.

  • Velásquez Sáez C, Salinas Villanueva I, Godoy Martínez P, Muñoz Martínez H, Barría Pailaquilén RM. Streptococcus mutans saliva count in children aged 6 to 12 years with and without chromogenic staining. Advances in Odontoestomatology. 2017 Apr; 33 (2): 77-85.

  • Barría M. The gap remains: The challenge of translating research into policies for the health care of people and communities. Investigación y Educación en Enfermería. 2017 Jun 14;35(2).

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