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Genetics Experts

Bing Su

State Key Laboratory of Genetic Resources and Evolution
Kunming Institute of Zoology


Bing Su has done his PhD in Genetics. Currently he is working as Professor in State Key Laboratory of Genetic Resources and Evolution in Kunming Institute of Zoology. His research interests are Gene Sequencing, Evolutionary biology. Several papers of his work were published in reputed International journals.

Research Interest

Gene Sequencing, Genetics


  • Su B, Jin L, Underhill P, Martinson J, Saha N, McGarvey ST, Shriver MD, Chu J, Oefner P, Chakraborty R, Deka R. Polynesian origins: insights from the Y chromosome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2000 Jul 18;97(15):8225-8.

  • Li J, Su B. Natives or immigrants: modern human origin in East Asia. Nature reviews. Genetics. 2000 Nov 1;1(2):126.

  • Su B, Xiao J, Underhill P, Deka R, Zhang W, Akey J, Huang W, Shen D, Lu D, Luo J, Chu J. Y-Chromosome evidence for a northward migration of modern humans into Eastern Asia during the last Ice Age. The American Journal of Human Genetics. 1999 Dec 31;65(6):1718-24.

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