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Karthik Panchanathan

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
Missouri State University


PhD Anthropology, UCLA, 2010. MA Anthropology, UCLA, 2001. BS Biology, BA Anthropology, UCLA, 1997.

Research Interest

Psychology, Bridging developmental systems


  • Karthik Panchanathan and Robert Boyd. "Human cooperation: Second-order free riding problem solved? (reply)." Nature 437 (2005): E8-E9.

  • Willem E. Frankenhuis and Karthik Panchanathan. "Balancing sampling and specialization: An adaptationist model of incremental development." Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278 (2011): 3558-3565.

  • Willem E. Frankenhuis and Karthik Panchanathan. "Individual differences in developmental plasticity may result from stochastic sampling." Perspectives on Psychological Science 6 (2011): 336-347.

  • Daniel Nettle, Karthik Panchanathan, Tage Rai, and Alan Page Fiske. "The evolution of giving, sharing, and lotteries." Current Anthropology 52 (2011): 747-756.

  • Karthik Panchanathan, Willem E. Frankenhuis, and Joan B. Silk. "The bystander effect in an N-person dictator game." Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 120 (2013): 285-297.

  • Willem E. Frankenhuis, Karthik Panchanathan, and H. Clark Barrett. "Bridging developmental systems theory and evolutionary psychology using dynamic optimization." Developmental Science 16 (2013): 584-598.

  • Karthik Panchanathan, Sarah Mathew, and Charles Perreault. "Explaining group-level traits requires distinguishing process from product." Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (2014): 269-270.

  • Willem E. Frankenhuis, Karthik Panchanathan, and Jay Belsky. "A Mathematical Model of the Evolution of Individual Differences in Developmental Plasticity Arising through Parental Bet-hedging." Developmental Science (2015). doi: 10.1111/desc.12309

  • Karthik Panchanathan. "Game Theory." Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Eds. Jon R. McGee and Richard L. Warms (in press).

  • Willem E. Frankenhuis, Karthik Panchanathan, and Daniel Nettle. "Cognition in harsh environments: The case of self-control." Current Opinion in Psychology 7 (2015): 76-80.

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