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Marcus J Hamilton

Post Doc
Department of Anthropology
Missouri State University

Marcus J Hamilton


2008 Ph.D. with Distinction (Archaeology), Anthropology, University of New Mexico. 2002 M.S. with Distinction (Archaeology), Anthropology, University of New Mexico. 1998 B.Sc. with 1st Class Hons and Hodson dissertation award, Archaeology, University College London.

Research Interest

evolutionary energetics, Network analysis , Remote sensing, paleoecology


  • Bailey, D.H., M.J. Hamilton, and R.S. Walker (2012). Latitude, population size, and the language-farming dispersal hypothesis. Evolutionary Ecology Research 14: 1057-1067.

  • Hamilton, M.J. Commentary on “Networking Past and Present”, by R.I.M. Dunbar (2013). Cliodynamics 3(2): 352-353.

  • Hamilton, M.J., B. Buchanan, B. Huckell, V.T. Holliday, M. Steven Shackley, and M.E. Hill (2013). Clovis paleoecology and lithic technology in the central Rio Grande Rift Valley of New Mexico. American Antiquity 78(2): 248-265.

  • DeLong, J.P., O. Burger, and M.J. Hamilton (2013). The UN medium population projection is an unstable equilibrium. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 11(2): 66-67.

  • Nekola, J., Brown, J.H., J.R. Burger, A.D. Davidson, T. Fristoe, M.J. Hamilton, N. Mercado Silva, , and J. Okie (2013). The Malthusian-Darwinian dynamic and human society. Trends in Evolution and Ecology 28(3): 127-130.

  • Hamilton, M.J., R.S. Walker, and D. Kesler (2014). The crash and rebound of indigenous populations in lowland South America. Scientific Reports 4:4541 DOI:10.1038/srep04541.

  • Walker, R.S. and M.J. Hamilton (2014). Amazonian societies on the brink of extinction. American Journal of Human Biology. 26 (4): 570-572, DOI: 10.1002/ajhb.22552.

  • Walker, R.S., M.J. Hamilton, and A. Gross (2014). Remote sensing and conservation of isolated indigenous villages in Amazonia. Royal Society Open Science 1: 140246.

  • Buchanan, B., M.J. Hamilton, J.D. Kilby, and J. Gingerich, and (2016). Network analysis of stone raw material use reveals early regionalization in late Pleistocene North America. Journal of Archaeological Science 65: 114-121.

  • Hamilton, M.J., J. Lobo, H. Youn, E. Rupley, and G.B. West (2016). The ecological and evolutionary energetics of hunter-gatherer residential mobility. Evolutionary Anthropology 25:124-132. ArXiv:1602.00631 3

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