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Brayan Bautista

Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering and Agricultural
National University of Colombia


Brayan Bautista is an Assistant Professor from National University of Colombia in the Department of Civil Engineering and Agricultural.

Research Interest

Petrology, Geodesy and Surveying, Geology


  • Igarashi Y, Ueno T, Nakata K, Hern VC, Cruz-Salcedo JL, Narag IC, Bautista BC, Koizumi T. Building a tsunami simulation database for the tsunami warning system in the Philippines. Journal of Disaster Research. 2015 Feb 1;10(1):51-8.

  • Lasala M, Inoue H, Tiglao R. Establishment of Earthquake Intensity Meter Network in the Philippines (Special Issue on Enhancement of Earthquake and Volcano Monitoring and Effective Utilization of Disaster Mitigation Information in the Philippines). Journal of disaster research. 2015 Feb;10(1):43-50.

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