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López Lastra Marcelo

Associate Professor
 Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Immunology. Division of
National University of Colombia


López Lastra Marcelo is Associate Professor in  Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Immunology from National University of Colombia

Research Interest

 Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Immunology


  • Morales, M., Flores, C., Pino, K., Angulo, J., Lopez-Lastra, M., and Castro-Rodriguez, JA 2015. Urinary leukotriene and Bcl I polymorphism of glucocorticoid receptor gene in preschoolers with recurrent Wheezing and high risk of asthma. Allergol Immunopathol

  • Angulo-Troncoso, JA, Ulryck, N., Deforges, J., Chamond, N., Lopez-Lastra, M., Masquida, B., and Sargueil, B. 2015. LOOP IIId of HCV IRES triggers the structural rearrangement Of the 40S-IRES complex. Nucleic Acid Research

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