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Andrés González Barrios

Associate Professor
Department of Chemical engineering
University of Los Andes


Andrés González Barrios is currently working as an associate professor at University of Los Andes. He received his Master in chemical Engineering from University Of Connecticut.

Research Interest

Statistical thermodynamics, tochastic kinetics biological processes, stability analysis


  • Alvarez M, Alvarez A, Gomez F, Zambrano M, Husserl J, Danies G, Restrepo S, Gonzalez A. (2017) Compartmentalized metabolic network reconstruction of microbial communities to determine the effect of agricultural intervention on soils. PLoS ONE (ISSN 1932-6203) 12 (-), pp. p. e0181826-p. e0181826 ..

  • Serrano L, Gonzalez A, Montoya D. (2017) Clostridium butyricum maximizes growth while minimizing enzyme usage and ATP production: metabolic flux distribution of strain cultured in glycerol. BMC Systems Biology () 11 (n / a), pp. 1-13.

  • Fernandez M, Giraldo D, Gómez J, Dreyer I, Gonzalez A, Arevalo M. (2017) A synthetic multi-cellular network of coupled self-sustained oscillators. PLoS ONE (ISSN 1932-6203) 12 (N / A), pp. 1-8.

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