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Barbara Virginia Muñoz

Associate Professor
Department of Designing
University of Los Andes


Barbara Virginia Muñoz joined as faculty of University of Los Andes, Colombia.

Research Interest

I research the discourses and practices around contemporary art from a critical and theoretical perspective aimed at exploring: How to account for a 'Latin American aesthetic' that dialogues with the influences of the European tradition and with the creation of an identity and a memory heterogeneous? Of what nature would that 'Latin American aesthetic' be and what does it propose? In this sense, philosophical discourse, material culture, visual narratives and urban space function as interdisciplinary matrices that point towards an integral understanding of artistic events in Latin America. At the same time, I am interested in relating problems related to the philosophy of objects, museography and collaborative practices between art, craftsmanship and design to think about the possible relationships between aesthetics understood as ways of doing and thinking and design practices. Finally, exploring the (dis) encounters between art and design allows me to discuss issues such as the relationship between space and curatorial practice, the theory of reception, and the technical and poetic exchanges of design in order to rethink their categories, limits and variations.

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