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Camilo Gómez

Assistant Professor
Industrial Engineering
University of Los Andes


Electronic Engineer, master of industrial engineering, University of Los Andes. Researcher at the Center for Optimization and Applied Probability (Uniandes). Postdoctoral researcher (2014 - 2016) risk management and assessment of urban infrastructure, Stanford University. Visiting scholar (2011 – 2012) in the Structural & Infrastructural System Reliability & Risk Assessment (SISRRA) in Rice University. Camilo is interested in the application of research techniques for operations analysis of urban systems and public policies

Research Interest

Camilo’s research interest focuses on supporting decision making systems involving human and technical aspects and uncertainties; some of those are infrastructure systems (transport, energy, industry) depending on uncertain events (failures, natural threats) and a complex socioeconomic context because of the role those systems play supporting development of communities. In this way, Camilo combines his own cybernetic complex system analysis methodologies with operation research techniques, focusing on the use of stochastic and large-scale optimization to address problems with multiple actors in system of systems.

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