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Fabio Ferri

Associate Professor
Department of Geosciences
University of Los Andes


Fabio Ferri is currently working as an associate professor at University of Los Andes.

Research Interest

Mechanical behavior of faults and physicochemical processes that characterize earthquakes and rock slides


  • Ferri F. , Di Toro G., Han R., Hirose T., Shimamoto T., Quaresimin M. And De Rossi N. (2011), Low-To High-Velocity Properties Of The Clay-Rich Gouges From The Slipping Zone Of The 1963 Vaiont Slide (Northern Italy), Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, B09208, doi: 101029 / 2011JB008338

  • Ferri F. , Gibert B., Violay M., and Cesare B., (2013), Electrical conductivity in a partially molten lower crust from measurements on xenoliths, Tectonophysics, 586, 84-94.

  • Rempe M., Smith SAF, Ferri F , Mitchell TM, and Di Toro G. (2014), Clast-cortex grains in experimental and natural carbonate-bearing fault zones (Journal of Structural Geology, do: 10.1016 / j.jsg. 2014.09.007).

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