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Fernando Enrique Lozano Martinez

Associate Professor
Department Of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
University of Los Andes


Fernando Enrique Lozano Martinez, associate professor at University of Los Andes. He received his Master in Electrical Engineering from University of Los Andes.

Research Interest

Electronic Technology


  • Giraldo L, Lozano F, Quijano N. (2011) Foraging theory for dimensionality reduction of clustered data. Machine Learning (ISSN 0885-6125) 82 (1), pp. 71-90.

  • Zuluaga M, Magnin I, Hernandez M, Delgado E, Lozano F, Orkisz M. (2011) Automatic detection of abnormal vascular cross-sections based on density level detection and support vector machines. Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery (ISSN 1861-6410) 6 (2), pp. 163-174.

  • Salazar A, Lozano F, Alvarado C. (2012) System of heart and lung sounds separation for telemedicine application. Faculty of Engineering Review (ISSN 0120-6230) 64 (NA), pp. 175-181.

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