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Fredy Enrique Segura Quijano

Associate Professor
Department Of Industrial Engineering
University of Los Andes


Fredy Enrique Segura Quijano, associate professor at University of Los Andes. He received his Master's degree in Electronic Engineering from Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Research Interest

Electronic Systems, Sensors


  • A-E, Achury A, Ramirez F, Riquelme J, Bohorquez J, Segura F. (2017) Towards Fully-integrated Low-Cost Inductive Powered CMOS Wireless Temperature Sensor. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (ISSN 0278-0046) 64 (11), pp. 8718-8727.

  • Segura F, Garzon J, Aguilo J. (2017) Nonlinear parameter for nonlinear phenomenon: acute emotional stress. Electronics Letters (ISSN 0013-5194) 53 (6), pp. 378-380.

  • Diaz L, Segura F, Gomez C, Velasquez S, Bohorquez J, Peña N. (2017) Digital Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy to Interrogate Passive Resonant Devices. IEEE Sensors Journal (ISSN 1530-437X) 17 (-), pp. 4151-4157.

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