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Hernando Ignacio Vargas Caicedo

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Los Andes

Hernando Ignacio Vargas Caicedo


Hernando Ignacio Vargas Caicedo, professor at University of Los Andes. He received his Master in Architecture Studies from Massachusetts Institute Of Technology.

Research Interest



  • Vargas H. (2012) RetCel: The Development of Floor and Roof Assemblies of Precast Concrete Cells in Colombia, 1949-1989. Nuts & Bolts of Construction History. Culture, Technology and Society (ISBN 978-2-7084-0929-3) pp. 431-438. Editions A et J Picard

  • Vargas H. (2013) Structuring and feasibility of projects: conceptual elements. Social housing. Alliances that build knowledge (ISBN 978-958-695-901-8) pp. 176-189. Uniandes Editions

  • Prada A, Vargas H, Ozuna A, Ponz J. (2015) Marginal Abatement Costs Curve (MACC) of Carbon Emissions from Buildings: An Implementation for Office Buildings in Colombia. International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering (ISSN 2372-3971) 2 (1), pp. 7-15.

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