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Johana Husserl Orjuela

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Los Andes


Johana Husserl Orjuela is currently working as an assistant professor at University of Los Andes. She received her Master in Engineering from Tulane University, U.S.

Research Interest



  • Henao L, Lopez A, Ramos-Bonilla J, Haas C, Husserl J. (2016) Risk of illness with Salmonella due to consumption of raw-unwashed vegetables irrigated with water from the Bogotá River. Risk Analysis (ISSN 0272-4332) 37 (-), pp. 733-743.

  • Agudelo Nikolay, Hinestroza J, Husserl J. (2016) Removal of sodium and chloride ions from aqueous solutions using stay fibers (Furcraea spp.). Water Science and Technology (ISSN 0273-1223) 73 (5), pp. 1197-1201.

  • Márquez J, Sanchez-Silva M., Husserl J, Bastidas E. (2016) Effects of biodeterioration on the mechanical properties of concrete. Materials and Structures (ISSN 1359-5997) 49 (10), pp. 4085-4099.

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